President’s note for GTU’s 60th Anniversary (2005)

I am extremely pleased to be associated with the launching of a special souvenir magazine on the occasion of the celebration of GTU’s 60th Anniversary. Six decades of existence is indeed a tremendous achievement which demands to be duly celebrated with great pomp, joy, friendliness and happiness.
Established in 1945 by late André Bazeque, the GTU has since witnessed considerable progress. With a membership of around 210 in 1945, GTU now reckons around 5000 registered members and caters for almost all categories of workers in the primary education sector. Such a long period of existence has no doubt enabled the union to grow and to morph into one of the most powerful organizations in the country. With a new dynamic team at its head since February 2005, committed to consolidating and empowering its strong base and overall democratic structure, GTU can foresee brighter days and be confident to be truly responsive to the growing concerns and needs of the members it services.
Real opportunities lie ahead for making the GTU still more commendable and allowing it to move to a higher level of interaction in order to play multifunctional and multidimensional roles in the social and economic arenas. Our team is committed to see that the union be in a real position to embrace this higher order role.The recent periods of absolute lethargy and blatant stagnation have most fortunately given way to true dynamism and pro-activism with the creation of a women’s wing, youth wing, a retired teachers association, an ICT wing which rightly advocate the pillaring process of the union.However, it is an undeniable fact that occult forces have always operated in the dark to undermine teachers’ force and unity. GTU must as usual be on the alert to face mushrooming obstructionists and divisionists. GTU has so far succeeded and will always succeed in resisting same forces and will not depart from its commendably chosen motto: “ United We Stand, Divided we fall.”
The commemoration of GTU’s 60th Anniversary also gives us the unique opportunity to pay tribute to its founders, to its past leaders and to its past and present members. It equally gives us the unique opportunity to take stock of its past achievements which would eventually lead us to pave the way in outlining the future action plans of the GTU.

On this auspicious occasion, I wish to thank all GTU rank and file members, delegates and executive council members for their dedication and support. I wish the GTU long years of struggle and achievements.



Portrait du President

Vinod Seegum est né à Mon Désir, Vacoas. Après des études secondaires au Presidency College, il adhère au Teachers’ Training College après avoir été Courts Officer, Customs Officer et Clerical Officer. En janvier 1977, il est en poste à la Visitation RCA. N’étant pas un RC Teacher, il demande son affectation dans une école du gouvernement. Ainsi, en septembre 1977, il atterrit à Edith Cavell G. S. Comme tous les jeunes embrassant la profession, Vinod Seegum entame des études supérieures. Il décroche ses « 3 A-Levels at one sitting ». EN 1979, il suit pendant 2 ans des cours menant au DEUG Droit, qu’il abandonne pour des raisons indépendantes de sa volonté et se consacre pleinement à l’enseignement. En 1984, il est transféré à La Tour Koenig G. S et en 1990, il se trouve à Baichoo Madhoo G.S. En 1996, Vinod Seegum est muté à SVR G. S après quoi il est de nouveau transféré à Rémy Ollier « B » G. S, puis jusqu’aux élection de la GTU à Raoul Rivet. G. S. Aujourd’hui il est affecté à Young Men’s Hindu G. S pour cause de proximité avec le bureau de la GTU. Son palmarès dans l’enseignement a été fort éloquent. Il est un parmi des rares syndicalistes à avoir ses élèves classés ler, 2e, 3e, 4e… au CPE Rankings. D’ailleurs, sept de ses élèves ont été lauréats de la cuvée 2005.

Au niveau du syndicat, il a été délégué syndical dès sa première mutation à l’école de la Visitation. Il a été un des rares délégués à donner 100% de participation à la grève du Service Civil en 1989. Il gravit tous les échelons à la GTU : membre de l’exécutif, vice-président et aujourd’hui président.